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We are proud that we have outstanding technology in producing by sand casting process most complicated aluminum parts with minimum allowance, such as the cylinder block, cylinder head cover, manifold, converter housing and oil pump housing etc. The technology is useful for those items of relatively smaller quantity but of high complexity and fine finish, which enables sharp curtailment of the mold costs that should be required if the same is produced by die/mold process. Actually, you may not be able to easily tell the difference of its sand casting products from those made from die molds.
Every time a cast comes out of the mold, the cast itself is the proof of how competent we are. We have done so-called “difficult jobs” and honed our techniques so far, we can make whatever you want! But that doesn’t mean we skip something. We check everything!

Prototype Development

JY Proto is a prototype development company that specializes in fabricating custom-made, aluminumalloy parts such as EV, HEV Vehicle Parts, marine engine parts, railroad, bike, medical equipment parts, IT, other industrial equipment.
JY Proto supplies and exports diverse parts to global car companies as well as marine engine manufacturers for both domestic and foreign markets. In addition, the company has been registered as a top tier vendor to Hyundai and Kia who have recognized JY Proto quality and technology capabilities.
JY Proto leverages its ISO 9001 certified, cutting-edge prototype development system and fully integrated manufacturing process that range from design to quality assurance testing to produce reliable, quality custom aluminumalloy parts.

Aluminum Alloy Parts

We specialize in offering a wide range of aluminum sand casting which is considered as highly flexible Form of casting that allows for the usage of recyclable and permanent patterns. Sand casting is process use for handling high production volume processes and to make large aluminumalloy parts and components. Also, we have the expertise to handle the casting of sand moulds that are used to fabricate Products and aluminumalloy parts of challenging complexities.

The aluminumalloy parts for automobiles, ships, railroad cars, bikes, medical equipment andother industries in compliance with your orders. We have many renownedcompanies as our client all over the world, including Hyundai Motor Companythat designated us as a preferred provider for precision aluminumalloy parts. We produce and deliver the most reliable parts to you with our ISO9001certified in-line production system. Our experiences in the field and unique prototype developmentsystem have earned and will continue to earn your trust.

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